Larry Bennett

Laurence Bennett
Larry, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at U Penn, is a serial entrepreneur and a book publishing industry executive. He has founded and sold companies and has been the president of a mid-sized book distribution company.

However, the biggest event in his life occurred in 2004 when he and his wife, Dorothy adopted a baby from China, Olivia Cai Hua. With the help of her Chinese babysitter, they raised her bilingually, maintaining ties with the culture of her birth country. As a baby, a toddler and all through elementary school, Laurence would entertain little Cai Hua with spontaneously generated stories, many revolving around China. Dorothy would periodically suggest that he put pen to paper and write a book. A fortuitous meeting with his friend Basia, the wonderful illustrator of these books, convinced Laurence that there would be a wider audience for these adventures. Thus, the Adventures of Ru-lan series was born.

Basia Tov

Basia Tov has been making art, one way or another, throughout her life. During her childhood in Poland, she attended an artists' atelier where she received guidance as a painter. At the same time, she has begun experimenting with photography as an artistic medium. After arriving in New York, her interests led her to Fashion Institute of Technology where she received Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. Although her affair with the fashion world was short lived, her work in arts has never seized. Basia has continued to paint and explore photography. She has begun to exhibit in New York City and beyond. Following the birth of her two children, she became fascinated by child development and education as well as children's literature. The satisfaction she gained from volunteering in schools brought her to the front steps of the prominent hub of progressive pedagogy, Bank Street College of Education. Here, she attained master's degree in Early Childhood General and Special Education.

Currently, Basia Tov lives in New York City and divides her time between being a mom, a wife, a teacher, and an artist.